Weaving of Bangalore Brocade Silk Sarees

by Shatika, January 8, 2018

Handloom Industries in Karnataka occupies an important place as it provides employment to nearly half a million people in the state. The art of weaving handloom fabrics in Karnataka is an ancient & traditional technique. Bangalore is one of the traditional handloom clusters especially in rural pockets such as Vijayapura, Venkatapura, Nelavagilu, Nagamangala, Jangamakote, Kudur etc., for silk saree weaving. Silk sarees produced in these places are famous for its design, workmanship and colours.

A hub for handloom industry, Bangalore is renowned for silk sarees. The purity of silks combined with intricate weaving techniques and motifs has always put Bangalorepure brocade silk sarees to the forefront, as a wedding wear and festival wear. Known to churn out traditional designs hitherto, Bangalore silk sarees in the recent past have adapted to the changing trends and requirements of the market yet retaining the classic components it is regarded for along with the grandeur of its pure silk.

The artisans, the weavers and the manufacturers of Bangalore silk sarees work in close alliance to cater to the changing market trends and business environment. It is this approach that helps Bangalore silk sarees boom as an industry.

Yelahanka, a small town in the outskirts of Bangalore, which is now a part of Bangalore, is another weaving cluster for Bangalore silk sarees. The founder of Bangalore Kempegowda was the ruler of Yelahankanadu. Historically and even today, Yelahanka is known as the silk hub of south India. The handloom silk sarees of Yelahanka is a silk route of Textile industry. Today Yelahanka has seen a sea of modern development from skyscrapers to shopping malls. However, the making of silk handloom sarees has been its lifeline for over 2 centuries and continues to be so even today.

Unlike the perception, traditional Bangalore silk sarees are extremely popular among the young and urban youth. The sarees are made using pure silk and are woven in a unique style marking a style statement of their own.  They are lightweight though adorned with zari or brocade borders and pallus.

The striking feature of Bangalore silk sarees is their heavy brocade borders and pallus that often come in contrasting colors. The sarees come in rich hues and attractive designs and handwoven, they are perfect for traditional wedding ceremonies and festive seasons.

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