The Top 10 Varieties of Handloom Cotton Sarees

by Shatika, December 12, 2017

Known for their simplicity and elegance, handloom cotton sarees make a great casual and office wear. As a rich and diversified country, almost every state in India has its own traditional signature cotton saree that befits every occasion. Classified based on weaving styles, embroidery, handloom styles and patterns, there are many types of cotton sarees in India. While some boast of long thread of weaving history, some weaves that are relatively new take pride in being open to innovations taking the current fashion trends into account. Here is a list of top 10 cotton weaves of India that are truly incredible and discerning of a place in your closet.

Bengal Tant Cotton Saree: One of the most popular cotton weaves of the country, Bengal tant is known for its translucent looks and crisp texture. Classy and comfortable, they come in many colors and contrast-colored designs.

Khadi Cotton Saree: The most versatile fabric that is known to keep the wearer warm in winter and cool in summer, the once modest Khadi sarees made traditionally using handlooms and hand-spun cotton yarns have become a style statement today.

Kanchipuram cotton sarees: Kanchipuram town along with weaving silk sarees is also known for its prowess in weaving fine pure Kanchipuram cotton sarees. Pure and affordable, their color combinations, borders and patterns showcase stories of the region, people and history they belong to.

Gadwal cotton sarees: Known for their contrast colors and dressy looks, Gadwal cotton sarees are one of the most sought-after cotton sarees due to their rich looks which they get from separately attaching zari adorned silk borders and pallus.

Mangalgiri cotton sarees: Pure cotton sarees from the temple town of Andhra Pradesh, Mangalgiri sarees perfectly fit the bill of simple and sophisticated sarees as they mostly come in plain colors with thin Nizam borders and are best preferred at work places.

Narayanpet Cotton Saree: Woven in dark earthy colours that are characterised by a rich pallu with a unique pattern of alternating red and white bands, Narayanpet sarees are very light in weight and are immensely popular as they make a comfortable wear throughout the year.

Paithani Cotton Sarees: Mercerized pure cotton paithani sarees look classy in beautiful plain bodies with weft figuring designs according to the principles of tapestry on borders and pallus in pure silk and real zari.

Pochampally Cotton Sarees: Sarees from famous Bhoodan Pochampally in Telangana, Pochampally cotton sarees are famous for their bright colors and simple geometric patterns in ikat style of dying.

Kantha Cotton Sarees: Simple ‘running stich’ in colorful threads running around on pastel crisp cotton fabric, creating beautiful motifs like folk motifs, floral motifs, animal and birds figures and geometrical shapes, Kantha sarees are among the most elegant cotton sarees seen.

Chikankari Cotton Saree: Though Chikankari embroidery has made a break through by adorning sarees in various textures like raw silk and even chiffons, delicate white embroidery on diaphanous pastel cotton sarees is still the most favorite.

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