The Real Gold Kanjeevaram Silk Sarees

by Shatika, December 18, 2017

Kanjeevaram Silk Sarees:

Kanchipuram silk sarees are considered the queen of silk saris due to its noted texture, glimmer, permanence and refinement. The most elegant, desirable and luxurious of all silk sarees, kanchi silk saris are made from pure mulberry silk obtained from Karnataka which is the fulcrum of silk. These sarees are heavy in weight as they not only use real zari in their weave but also use a 3 to 8 ply technique where anywhere between 3 to 8 silk threads are put together as one thread and then used in weaving the saree. The higher the ply, the heavier is the saree and the better is its quality.

Kanjeevaram Silk Sarees in Real Gold Threads:

On the highest end of the spectrum of the varieties of kanjeevaram sarees, Kanjeevaram real gold silk sarees are the rarest, most exemplary and immaculate of all. Made using the 8 play technique with finest mulberry silk yarns, they are not just the strongest and the most durable but are also richest and most gleaming silk sarees in the world. Considering the intricacy and complexity of the weave, Kanjeevaram real gold silk sarees are generally woven by only celebrated Master weavers of Kanchipuram. The motifs seen on these sarees are very traditional that flaunt rich Dravidian cultural heritage. Highly priced for obvious reasons, these sarees cater to selective wearers like celebrities, women from affluent families and other eminent personalities.

History and Origin:

The weavers of Kanchipuram are believed to have settled at least 400 years back and have emerged as the creators of the most affluent and exceptional silk sarees in the country. In fact, they are known to be the descendants of sage Markanda, the Master Weaver for gods and goddesses.Kanchipuram was ruled by different Kings like the Pallava kings during the 6th and 7th century AD followed by the Cholas, the Vijayanagar Kings, the Muslims and the Britishers. History says that while it was the Pallava kings that encouraged the weave of kanchipuram sarees with real gold threads, it was during the period of Krishna-Deva Raya’s reign that Kanchipuram silk attained great heights of success. Today, the major economy of Kanchipuram is from the handloom industries and tourism, as the city beams with acclaimed Dravidian heritage.

Weaving Communities of Kanjeevaram silk sarees:

The main profession of the people of Kanchipuram is weaving of silk sarees. The two major weaving communities in Kanchipuram are the Devanga and Saligar communities. Both the communities are known for their exceptional weaving skills. It is said that during Krishna Deva Raya’s reign, the two major weaving communities, the Devangas and the Saligars of Andhara Pradesh migrated to this dusty town primarily because in those days, it was customary to wear silk clothes during ceremonial occasions like weddings and rituals. And Kanchi though a minuscule town, had more than 129 finely crafted temples ensuring many visitors visited the city and wore silk. Today too, their descendants continue to weave gorgeous silk sarees imbibing innovations as per the changing trend preferences.

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