Handloom Silk Sarees – Indian Festivals

by Shatika, November 24, 2017

Festive season in India calls for bright colored sarees and other traditional outfits complemented by striking pieces of jewelry that make for conversation starters at every function. But going by the trends in handloom sarees today, buyers appear to be torn between contemporary crepes and traditional silk weaves that are heirloom pieces.While both have their own charm, here is why traditional handloom silk sarees rule the roost during festivals:

Timeless Designs:

Various weaves of Handloom silk sarees from across the country showcase traditional artistic motifs like peacocks, paisleys, elephants, leaf, flowers, gods and goddesses etc.that are embellished in rich zari threads exuding exquisite appeal that is unmatched.

Changing trends:

Traditional weaves are known to keep pace with the changing trends.In sync with the current fashion without losing out on their traditional charm, they are modern classic pieces that combine cutting edge silhouettes with quality craftsmanship thus combining the best of both worlds and in turn donot run out of fashion ever.

Continuing the Legacy:

Owning these traditional weaves is like being a part of heritage as it adds value to your assets. Considered as heir loom pieces, silk sarees carry on the legacy during festivals and weddings.

How to remove stains from silk sarees:

Donot despair over a potential loss of your favorite silk garment because of some stains because here we bring you some tips where just by gathering a few household items, you can get rid of those tough stains

To remove sweat stains:

To remove sweat stains from a silk saree, one can use vinegar. Mix Vinegar and water in equal parts, dab it on the stain and then rinse with warm water.

To remove coffee or tea stains:

To remove coffee or tea stains, first sponge the area with lukewarm water and then gently rub glycerine over it. Wait for half an hour and then rinse the area with warm water.

To remove oil stains:

To remove oil stains from the silk saree, use talcum powder. Sprinkle the powder and let it stay for around 20 minutes. Brush away the excess powder off the fabric.

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